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How To Earn Money With Your LEGO Collection

Building with LEGO has been a favourite pastime for kids pretty much since the time the plastic bricks were invented. Many adults are enthusiasts too – known as AFOLs or Adult Fans of LEGO – and it can be an expensive hobby. But, did you know there are ways your collection could help fund your hobby, or even earn you some extra cash?

I loved LEGO as a kid, but after years of separation, I now admit to being an AFOL.

Watching episodes of the LEGO Masters television series, I’ve seen just how creative some people can be with their original builds.

Many fans are happy to do the same and create their own designs from scratch. Others prefer to build some of the many set pieces that you can buy in stores and online, such as the popular Star Wars, Harry Potter and other themes.

My rediscovery of LEGO started with the Las Vegas Architecture set I bought on holiday, in Las Vegas. Since then, my wife Ann (another AFOL) and I have enjoyed building many of these set pieces and we’ve seen our collection grow, at a cost.

How much does a LEGO collection cost?

Some small sets will set you back just a few dollars, but there are also monster kits that cost more than $1,000, such as the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series.

It’s not only the cost you have to factor in as a LEGO fan, it’s where to display or store your collection (we have a cupboard full now). That’s where you can use your collection to potentially help fund your future purchases, and free up space at home.

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