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Second-Hand LEGO Technic Sets Delivering 50% Profits

Those seeking to make a quick profit on toys may be able to achieve a big return by investing in a LEGO Technic set.

Research recently carried out by Vertu Motors found that some Technics sets were generating as much as 50% return on investment. Ferrari F8 Tributo and 1960s Ford Mustang sets have been making 50% or more when sold as new, in mint condition.

However, only the Ford F-150 Raptor has been making any cash when sold as used, delivering a return of around 35%. Construction time is an important factor for many LEGO fans, though these models didn’t tend to make any profit when sold on.

When Ferrari F8s are sold as new on eBay, they can make a profit of £9 compared to their original £17.99 RRP. The Mustang sets have been delivering a profit of £60 on their £119.99 RRP. This makes them the best LEGO Technic sets in cash return terms.


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