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Buy Retired LEGO Sets In
South Africa

Retired LEGO® sets did better than traditional investments like gold, stocks and bonds yielding an average return of about 11 percent from 1987 to 2015 according to a study published recently out of Russia's Higher School of Economics.

Retired Lego South Africa

Retired LEGO Sets


The LEGO® group releases new, beautiful sets every year at the same time, nice sets are disappearing from the collection. A set that is no longer produced by LEGO® is called end of life an end of life set is also called a discontinued or retired set. This set can still be for sale, but the set is no longer made by LEGO® therefore it is sold as long as stores have the set in stock. If the last item is sold, you can no longer buy the set new.

RetiredLego Sets

Returns are not exposed to market, value, momentum, & volatility risk factors.

Sets released between 1980 to 2014 yielded an average return of 11%.

RetiredLego Sets

Our Collection


Learn more about our online store and collection for sale. stocks and store our own sets.
Sealed Box Sets

Sets feature original LEGO factory seals. All products we stock are authentic LEGO products obtained from reputable vendors & collectors.

Retired LEGO In South Africa
Locally Held Stock

All the sets that are listed on our site is stock that is owned & held by us, our store does not operate by a drop-shipping model all orders are dispatched within 1 working day.

Expertly Curated Lego Sets
Expertly Curated

Sets are curated using statistics & machine learning tools that model current & future sets based on sales trends from multiple markets obtained from BrickEconomy.

Securely Stored LEGO South Africa
Securely Stored

Sets are stored using poly plastic and individually bubble wrapped after product images are taken. All sets are also rotated regularly to avoid box warping.

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