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21136 The Ocean Monument was a 1,122 piece Minecraft set with 2 minifigs released in 2017. It was retired in March 2019 with a lifespan of 19 months.


Head for the depths of the Minecraft™ sea to discover the Ocean Monument. Battle the elder guardian with spring-loaded shooter, activate the dry sponge function to enter the monument and locate the lever to open the treasure chamber full of golden blocks. Enjoy hands-on Minecraft adventures featuring your favorite characters and objects with this easy-to-reconfigure LEGO® Minecraft set—designed for young fans of the highly successful sandbox video game. Includes Steve and Alex minifigures, plus squid, guardian and elder guardian figures.


  • Includes 2 minifigures: Steve and Alex, plus squid, guardian and elder guardian figures.


  • Features a Minecraft™ ocean monument with a water sponge access function and opening treasure chamber, plus a cave with a furnace.


  • Remove the roof section and fold out the model for access to the detailed interior.


  • Put on your enchanted armor, grab your enchanted sword and prepare for action!


  • Activate the dry sponge function to soak up the water and enter the monument.


  • Dodge the elder guardian’s spring-loaded shooter.


  • Dry out wet sponges on the furnace.


  • Weapons include an enchanted sword and pickaxe.


  • Accessory elements include enchanted armor, golden blocks, wet and dry sponges, bucket of milk and a Potion of Water Breathing and a Potion of Healing.


  • Easy-to-reconfigure design—choose from 3 different model configurations.


  • Set your imagination free—rebuild the set for more LEGO® Minecraft™ creations!


  • This set includes over 1,120 pieces.


  • Measures over 5” (15cm) high, 9” (24cm) wide and 9” (24cm) deep.

The Ocean Monument - Minecraft

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